Question of Atheist Scruples – Antiques Roadshow edition

Which reminds me – the Lions fundraising flea market is coming up on the February 17th. I go every year. I never buy a ticket to the 50//50 draw even though I know “You can’t win, folks, unless you get a ticket…” or whatever it is they say every three minutes in case people forget there’s a 50/50 draw. You don’t have to be present to win, but you do need to buy.. god, I’m not even there yet. Stop reminding me!!

This card comes from the 2nd edition of the A Question of Scruples, which was released in 1986. Note the Canadian spelling of “neighbour” there. Nice.

On with the card. Neighbour doesn’t feel like packing up all her crap, gives some crap to me. Somehow I find out that weird looking little thing I don’t feel like dusting is actually worth a few dollars. Yay! I mean, uh oh…

I can see this going a few ways.

One, I haven’t actually kept in contact with that neighbour once she’s gone because, while friendly with each other in a neighbourly way, we weren’t really friends socially. I likely have no contact information for her kids or other people she might know and, aside from randomly bumping into her again someday, it’s unlikely our paths will cross in the future. $500 could go towards some other things I actually need in the house.

B) I have kept in touch with her and she’s supremely offended that I’d sell one of her things for any price and that was an heirloom and “you always thought it was weirdly charming which is why I gave it to you!” and then she never wants to speak to me again. Now it’s guilt money I can’t happily spend on anything I want so it has to go toward bills.

On the other hand, perhaps she’s actually delighted to discover the thing was worth some money, says, “No, no, it’s yours now. I’ve got a few more things here I should check the value of…” and goes onto become an antiques expert of some renown and winds up on television.

Lastly, finds out I made money off her stuff, then comes back to my house some day when I’m not there and robs me blind…

That took an unexpected turn.

Truthfully, even if I did find out a piece of someone else’s history could make me money today, I don’t know that I would sell it. I would have to think about it for a bit. If I hung onto it a while longer, would the price get better or worse? How hard up for money am I right now? That kind of thing would factor in.

If I think of it, I’ll snap some shots of items up for grabs on Saturday, if they’re of particular interest. Like this piece from 2009.

Buy God![/caption]

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