Question of Atheist Scruples – this sounds like a sit-com

Soon after hitting it off with someone special s/he has to leave town for a few months. Meanwhile, a new opportunity arises. Do you remain faithful?

(I don’t watch the show anymore but I’m reminded of that scene in Big Bang Theory when Leonard and Priya Koothrappali try long distance and he meets that chick at the comic book store and confesses his kiss, only to find out Priya’s already doing the do with another dude.)

First off, I would hope that prior to the move the two of us have sat down and talked about whether or not we’d want to try something long distance. It can work, and I’ve known people who’ve made it work across country, or the world, but it takes a commitment. Is this “someone special” someone I can picture wanting a long term relationship with? Or has this just been a bit of good fun for the both of us but not overly serious?

If we’ve agreed we’ve got a good thing going and are both willing work to keep the relationship running from a distance, then yes, I’d remain faithful to that person. Of course, if I somehow find out he’s done and gone pantsless around someone in his new town…

Bonus round:

You get an expensive gift you don’t like. You can return it for cash without anyone knowing. Do you?

I can’t say that’s ever happened. I have gotten presents that wind up unsuitable to hang onto because reasons (perfumed products, not my style) but I tend to send that kind of thing to Community Living eventually. Someone should be able to make use of it if I won’t.

I’ll admit, though, that we wound up throwing out the single serve coffee machine we got for a wedding gift.

It may have been a re-gift from my aunts as it was, as the coffee pods were close to expiry when the Hubs opened the box. It was also a brand we’d never heard of and getting replacement pods would have been a giant hassle as there were no local suppliers and I’m cheap — I’d rather spend $10.00 on a generic can with 200 cups worth of coffee grounds in it than $7 for 10 capsules that maybe don’t even make a full cup of coffee. I think the Hubs tried using two of them to make one whole cup and still wasn’t satisfied with the flavour.

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