It’s a new year, so there’s a new end of the world prediction

Mark your calendars for June 24th 2018. And then on June 25th, guess when the updated world ending prediction will drop. I’m gonna guess October 27. As good a date as any. This is old news from the start of January, but I’m just getting around to laughing at it now.

From the Daily Star:

Conspiracy theorist Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue has highlighted a passage in the Book of Revelations as a sign that 2018 could be the Earth’s last year.

It reads: “He was given authority to act for 42 months.”

Mr Joseph Rodrigue reckons the passage from Revelations when added to the crop harvest and price indicates a shocking truth.

The shocking truth being that Rodrigue passed rudimentary math and then took it nine steps sideways into the idiocy that is numerology.

He wrote: “I heard a voice in the middle of the four living beings.

“This is wisdom. He who has intelligence can interpret the figure of the beast.

“It represents the name of a man. His figure is 666.”

To find the date of the apocalypse, he takes the 666 figure and adds it to his earlier calculations, with the 42 months from the bible.

Except his math is wrong, much like the Young One’s math was wrong the other day. Poor kid struggles with carrying when he multiplies. “Where did you get that 4 from? 8 x 7 is 56…” Grade 4 is so hard.

The Devil’s number is not 666.

back in 2005, the number was revised, or should have been, to 616 because of a discovery made in an ancient Egyptian dump just outside of Oxyrhynchus. A large collection of really old papers, most of them unreadable, were discovered. Among them was a piece of a third-century manuscript that just happened to be from the Book of Revelation. In this piece, as well, was the new number, 616, given as the number of the Beast.

This isn’t just some random number either. According to Professor David Parker, numbers were often used in ancient days to disguise the name of an enemy. In this case, 616 probably refers to Emperor Caligula of the Roman Empire, the non-Christian ruling power in the world at the time.

I’ve read that elsewhere, too, that Revelations is more documenting from a particular political/historical angle in the form of analogy and less predicting a future 2000 years beyond what the author could have possibly intended. That never stops guys like Rodrigue. Last quote from the original article:

When all added together, he claims this indicates the world will end on June 24, 2018.

Despite his bold theory, Mr Joseph Rodrigue has not detailed how the world will come to destruction.

So, if anyone reads this between today and the 24th, comment your own thoughts on how the end will happen. Given the number of earthquakes (see current map of those there) and volcanoes (see current map of those there) going off lately, I’m predicting major kablam of the massive magma pool under Yellowstone. Very much hoping to be wrong.

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