1minion invites god in – humming your praise and joy

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My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. Luke 1:46-47

From page 37 of Joyce Rupp’s book. Does it feel like God’s in here yet? Not overly.

If Mass at Catholic school, singing in the choir, and having religious friends into my first year of university weren’t enough to cement it, it ain’t happening.

This page was in the bit of the book regarding Christmas —

…so much emphasis is placed on material treasures, let us also look at our spiritual treasures and choose a few lines of a favorite song or create a few lines of praise and thanksgiving to God.

Up above I’ve shared some kind of meow hymn. Now is a piece I recall singing in Choir in grade seven:

Walking and leaping… years later I can still sing the chorus without needing the karaoke version.

I’m still recovering from my broken wrist; I have a “9 weeks later” print-out of exercises to put myself through while I wait for my next check-up in February.

Overnight we got 10 cm of snow, roughly, and I had to sweep the car off and shovel the driveway/walk before I left for work. Before I even got that started, I slipped on ice with my proper boots on (original slip was in slippers) but at least this time I just wound up awkwardly on my knees in freshly fallen snow. Don’t think for a minute that this atheist wasn’t grateful nothing worse happened. Holy crap, was I the lucky one. The Young One also slipped and fell on the way to the bus today, says the Hubs, but he was more concerned about not dropping his book in the snow — the dweeb.

It is time to check the size of our heart-door and see if it needs some expanding to let the God of glory enter in.

Nope. My heart is terrific.

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