Look what I got! A new book!

Rather, a new old one (printed in 1983 – that’s old now, sadly). Someone left it in the staff room at work, likely returned with actual library material and perhaps a faint hope in the heart of the original owner that someone’s life was about to change upon reading it. How right he or she was!

The front reminds me of other books from the era and earlier, typically the story collections that the teacher would hand out to us to read along with and discuss. That’s not what this is, though. This is Bible study masquerading as a science text book, essentially.

So within this they’re promising to explain nature as “God Did It.” (The publishers have a website where more religious themed books and tracts can be searched and purchased, for those who’d want them and a range of age levels.)

And in the preface we learn that evolution is a “wicked campaign” rather than the most likely scenario given the evidence we already have.

I’d argue that it isn’t God being called a liar when it comes to evolution but instead the folks who wrote the Bible were wrong. But, all they could do was credit their deity with everything under the sun and over the moon because there was no better alternative at the time. We know more now and we know better.

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