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Page 33 of Joyce Rupp’s book here. The first 44 pages of readings are supposed to be related to Christmas. There’s a kindle edition of Inviting God In if you want to follow along, or check other posts under the tag “Inviting God In” to see what’s been discussed so far. I’ve still got today the 24th, Christmas Day, and the other 11 days after that count as the 12 days of Christmas to finish this segment up. Looks like I planned it. Ha ha hardly.

…the very works that I am doing, testify on my behalf that the Father has sent me. John 5:36

The very works that I am doing testify nothing in particular, except a willingness to share thoughts on these Bible verses from an atheist perspective.

Rupp references a prayer in this one that she’s gotten from a man called Cardinal John Newman:

Jesus, shine though me and be so in me that every person I come into contact with may feel your presence in my soul.

So she aims to follow a path that presumably is putting the good foot forward and the patience and kindness front and center, unlike some Christians who comment on various websites joyfully cursing their debaters to hellfire and damnation.

I had to look up John Henry Newman; he’d been at Oxford in 1816 and a few years later lectured at Oriel college where

his reputation grew both as a first-rate tutor and as a parish priest. The latter was not without controversy, however, for the provost of Oriel College, the Reverend Edward Hawkins (1789–1882), objected strongly to Newman’s pastoral approach to academic teaching, arguing that universities were to promote thinking that was strictly and solely rational. Conversely, Newman maintained that knowledge appealed to the heart, as well as the mind, and that good teaching called for more than a exclusively cool and distant approach to the objects of knowledge.

His interest in education continued throughout his life as he converted to Roman Catholicism and founded a couple schools, including the Catholic University of Ireland in the 1850s.

In his now renowned treatise The Idea of a University, he boldly concluded: “If then a University is a direct preparation for this world, let it be what it professes. It is not a Convent, it is not a Seminary; it is a place to fit men of the world for the world” (Discourse 9).

Noble goals.

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