So I’m reading this series of books by Carol O’Connell..

I started with one late in the series (see here) but then decided to start at the beginning of the series and read as written. Good grief, these are all (mostly) good books. Didn’t care for the third much, but I’m not into art for the sake of shock, which was what Killing Critics was about. I started Dead Famous yesterday and got confused initially because it was referencing things that had already happened to Detective Riker, one of the main characters, but wasn’t events from the previous book. Riker had gotten shot 4 times by a teenager who’d broken into his apartment before this book started and when I quit reading on the bus on the way home today, he’d just gotten back to his new apartment and, by the writing, looked like he’d just gotten shot another four times but I had to stop reading so I wouldn’t miss my stop. Don’t know if he’s alive or dead. damn.. he’d just fallen in love too, the old, drunk, curmudgeon…

Can’t remember the last set of books I’d read where I cared what happened next…this is a mark of a good writer.

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