1minion invites God in – Do Not Fear

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Say to those who are of a fearful heart, Be strong, do not fear! Here is your God! Isaiah 35:4

Fear is inevitable.

A year or so ago, a pick-up went awry between houses. Nobody was answering the phone or the door and we had no way of getting in to see if they were even home. (Mum’s a deep sleeper and was working nights and going through some personal issues at the time as well.) It was an awful few hours of retracing their steps the night before. The Hubs was so scared and stressed that he twisted his Blackberry in his hands until the screen cracked. Turned out they actually were home, the phone was dead (the downside to no landline) and the Young One just didn’t answer the door. It was not a good day for anyone.

Rupp’s advice to go with this verse boils down to “trust God” and it’ll all work out. In our case, it was more about trusting friends and family who cared and went out of their way to help us find them. One of those friends stayed behind with her as we left with the boy. I think she’s doing better these days, too.

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