Nine signs you’ve been visited by an angel

Otherwise known as a random list of crap Earth We Are One is posting as “real proof” of an angelic presence in your life. I’ll list the nine with commentary:

1. Unexpected temperature change

– This is called random drafts from windows, cracks in doorways, or fans. And sometimes a person just gets chilly or overheated. This is all coincidence, not evidence.

2. Mysteriously appearing odor

– Did somebody fart? Sometimes when I’d go out after a rain, I’d get a weird whiff of fish even though it’s the city and nowhere near the river or garbage dump. Another coincidence.

3. Differently coloured lights (or shadows)

– Yesterday on the bus I could have sworn there was a UFO hanging in the sky. Turned out to be a reflection through the window of a building’s doorway light but it looked like a hovering orange globe in the sky from the angle I was sitting. Really neat.

4. Angelic voices

– yesterday at work one of the toilets was making noise that really sounded like I should be able to understand the language. It was a bellowing mumble of sounds that really would have made me think someone conjured up a demon in the loo somehow and ran off terrified by the success…or eaten..

5. White feathers

– Because all the birds with white feathers can’t possibly account for them. This is like the yeti shit. If you think it’s an angel feather, get it tested, get the proof. A lot of samples that people have sworn were yeti evidence turned out to be less an undiscovered primate and more a bear.

6. Dream appearances

– Angels are real in dreams, apparently. I don’t trust dreams as useful prediction tools for anything. I rarely remember them, and the ones I do remember were weird for reasons I don’t feel like explaining.

7. Feeling of a presence

This is a real phenomenon and people may interpret the feeling to something mystical when it happens and several reasons why it happens. Not proof of “real” angels.

8. A stranger who seems otherworldy

– Might just be someone mentally ill or perhaps on the autism spectrum. Doesn’t automatically mean this is an angel.

9. A change in air pressure

– For fucks’ sake. There’s always a reason for that, you just don’t know the cause, maybe.

Which reminds me.. there was a news story years back about a weeping statue and oh it’s so miraculous and oh, it’s so mysterious and oh, we must drink the tears… and somebody finally investigated the cause for the crying and it turned out to be clogged drainage pipes:

Edamaruku said his exposure of the weeping statue was also a contribution to public health in Mumbai as some believers were drinking the water hoping it could cure ailments. “This was sewage water seeping through a wall due to faulty plumbing,” he said. “It posed a health risk to people who were fooled into believing it was a miracle.”

Moral of the story here, don’t be fooled by random lists on the internet that claim to have all the meaning you’re missing in life. Don’t take them at face value. Think a little. Look for what’s more likely. Maybe it takes the mystery and wonder out of certain things, but truthfully, the knowledge itself, once earned, if far more wonderful than any dream of an angel.

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