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Finally getting around to another post in my series tagged “inviting god in”, and pg 29 of Joyce Rupp’s book.

Trust in the Lord forever for in the Lord God you have an everlasting rock. Isaiah 26:4

The video above is a song I used to really like. I had many church friends who’d sin and make pirate copies of their cassettes for me which is the only reason I had Acapella Praise, among others.

…God is frequently described as “our rock.” Rocks are the sturdiest of all created things, existing from earliest times. To destroy a rock is very difficult; wind and water can erode a rock, but it is a very slow process.

From National Geographic:

Water is nature’s most versatile tool. For example, take rain on a frigid day. The water pools in cracks and crevices. Then, at night, the temperature drops and the water expands as it turns to ice, splitting the rock like a sledgehammer to a wedge. The next day, under the beating sun, the ice melts and trickles the cracked fragments away.

Makes me think a water god of some sort would be a better choice, frankly.

Could note the Mohs hardness scale, a method of testing the strength of minerals, of which rocks are composed. Some rocks will wear down a lot “quicker” (on a geologic time scale) on account of their composition. But, water has a lot of crazy properties unlike anything else on the planet. Expansion while freezing is one of them. Quoting from Physics World:

Water has a host of properties that set it apart from other substances and which make it particularly suited to sustaining life. For example, the fact that it is less dense as a solid than as a liquid and that its maximum density occurs at 4 °C, means that lakes freeze from the top-down rather than the bottom-up – something that was vital to sustaining life during ice ages.

(That article’s main focus is water at the quantum level, which is worth a read for those who’ll better grasp the science in there than me.)

Via Futurism we read of another state of water:

In a new study detailed in the International Journal of Nanotechnology, physicists note that liquid water has a whole new set of properties when it hits temperatures between 40°C and 60°C (104°F and 140°F). In that range, water goes into a “crossover” phase, essentially a second liquid state…

For example, the surface tension of water was different at temperatures below 57°C (134.6°F) than it was at temperatures above it…

The researchers point out in their publication that finding out if and how these structural changes in water affect proteins, the building blocks of living cells, is one of the many questions for biological and nano systems raised by their research. In the meantime, more independent studies need to be done before any conclusions can be reached…

How lovely science is. We found this. You go look and see if you find it, too. Was this a fluke, or a mistake, or a real new discovery with unknown implications and uses?

Back to Rupp:

…a God…whose love is as enduring as the ancient rocks of the universe.

And, to my mind, as cold. (Except on planet close enough to its star to melt and cool rocks on a daily basis, the it’s unpleasant for different reasons.)

Next time, stars reveal a radiant presence…

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