Trump doesn’t understand Jesus?

I avoid politics in here generally but, via Newsweek, apparently Trump’s tweets about Christ’s paternity raised more than a few eyebrows lately…

“According to the bible, GOD was the father of Jesus. Faux Christian Trump who does not attend church!” added a Twitter user named Arizona.

Others, however, came to Trump’s defense, noting that God had named Joseph as Jesus’s father on Earth.

Most of these details were brushed over, however, as Trump made a show of celebrating Christian symbolism. The president often uses Christianity to appeal to his conservative Christian base, often to the detriment of other religious minorities, particularly Muslims.

This is laughable anyway because I just brought up Christ’s paternity in my devotions posts and how the writers of the Bible ran their god through Joe’s line to show he’s related to the proper Jews.

And Trump already demonstrated sketchy Bible knowledge:

the president has consistently failed to demonstrate that he is genuinely religious. In 2015, Trump declared that the Bible was his “favorite book,” but then struggled to think of a single Bible verse when pressed about which was his favorite.

So yeah… are we really shocked by what he says about this topic? Not really…

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