first day back to work went all right

I have one of the rare library jobs where I’m completely unique and after my unexpected wrist hiatus, some co-workers have discovered they have no idea exactly what all I do there beyond what I was hired to do.

But not like that poor bugger.. I just mean that stuff turns up on my desk, I deal with it, it goes away, and later, there is new stuff on my desk to deal with.

We’re trying a new thing now to retain more copies of popular books, cds and films instead of withdrawing so many once new titles roll in. But we’re also in the middle of a “restructuring” of duties and people in jobs now are kind of panicking to do their jobs as much as possible before new job descriptions take over and possibly different people fill those jobs. So, while I was out, dozens of these books and dvds and cds came in. A cartload alone today. So, we collectively ignored them, opting to hammer out some rules for handling it all on Monday.

Now, while the work day felt like a Monday, it’s really Friday, I’ve had a few cans of relatively local beer and look forward to a relaxing book-filled weekend.

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