update: better cast, still broken

slows me down typing up new stuff. Today was some agony as i went to wrist doc for more xrays and a checkup and the cast dude was unimpressed by ER doc’s casting methods. He then took out his annoyance on my arm by pulling it straighter, wrapping it tight with the fiberglass, then pressing, pulling and squeezing the bejesus out of my wrist to straighten it up more while i went sweaty and white in the chair, crying out in all the ways that proves movies lie about pain.

They offered to let me lie down twice but i didn’t move from the chair (in case i couldn’t get back up again). Someone helpful wet a cloth for my forehead after all that and they brought me some water. I felt legit ill. I hadn’t had a drink or breakfast before going in. Once i thought my legs could manage without collapsing, i treated myself to a puffed wheat square and later a pic-a-pop cream soda, which the kind till operator opened for me. Thanks, dude.

back to work tomorrow and back to doc next thursday for another look. They’re hoping to avoid surgery with all their messing about i may still be in for some of that down the road.. sigh.

don’t wear slippers outside when there’s a little snow on the ground. be safe and take the time for proper footwear. Your body parts will thank you.

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