Dear Christians – lions don’t care about Jesus

Please stop trying to show the strength of your faith by facing one or more of them.

This news story from South Africa’s Kruger National Park:

• Zion Church member Alec Ndiwane wanted to show God would save him

• He ‘fell into a trance started speaking in tongues before charging at pride’

• Lions chased after him and one of them clamped down on his buttocks

He said: ‘I don’t know what came over me. Were we not given dominion over all creatures of the earth?’

• Park officials say they are not aware of any such incident taking place
When he came to a realization that the Lord wasn’t going to intervene, he started to run back to the car, but it wasn’t too long before one of the lions had bit him by the butt. His life was saved from more injury and death when one of the game rangers fired shots at the lions to repel them, it was reported by GhanaWeb.

This older story from “the Metropolitan Zoo in the Chilean capital of Santiago” and what happened to 20-year-old Franco Luis Ferrada Roman:

a male and female lion were shot dead by security guards as they mauled the man, in front of horrified visitors.

Now the letters and drawings Ferrada Roman left behind have been published, leading experts to think that he could have a ‘mystic messianic delusion’, and that rather than trying to commit suicide he was trying to create a miracle in front of zoo-goers, believing himself divine.

Director Montavla said: “The [gun] shooter decided to save the man’s life and unfortunately sacrificed the life of two members of our lion family.

“We are very hurt and upset.”

#Harambe — are people still doing that? I’m out of touch. Also, that’s a different type of animal attack problem unrelated to religion.

Any religious snake handlers die lately, though? #curious

Quick Googling leads to a 2016 python related death, but aside from the town name of Church Crookham, Hampshire, Dan Brandon’s untimely demise was assumed to be accidental and the first ever death of its kind in the UK. He was a big reptile collector judging by photos in the article.

February 2014 has what looks to be the most recent biblically inspired snake fatality:

A Kentucky pastor who co-starred in the TV show Snake Salvation has died of a snakebite.

Emergency personnel received a call Saturday night that someone at a church, Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name, had suffered a snakebite, Middlesboro Police Chief Jeff Sharpe said in a statement. He said an ambulance crew went to the church, but the Rev. Jamie Coots had left. The crew went to Coots’ home and found him suffering from a bite to the hand.

“After a brief examination and discussion of the possible dangers if the wound was not treated, treatment — and transport to the hospital — was refused,” Sharpe said.

Snakes don’t believe in gods either and just do what their instincts built them to do. They bite someone who happens to prefer faith healing over a hospital trip, this is the inevitable result.

Coots’ son Cody is still running the church as of August 2017.


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