update: wrist still broken

Was out of house by 8:40 yesterday to visit medi clinic for a sick note and bused to work to drop it off, getting there at 11:30. Chatted with staff and helped my helper with a few things, then missed a bus at 12:15 for home heading so got home again just before two. Then i just had some toast and crashed into bed for a couple hours; i was so achy in all my parts. As much as part of me feels well enough to be at work this week, the rest is probably better for me. Have meet with orthopedics on Thursday so will find out if healing is going okay or if he’ll have to re-break it to fix how it set.

That’s what happened last time, but that was because I didn’t realize I had broken it and waited a few days to get looked at. Good times. At least that was my left.

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