naked vegetables are obscene?

When it’s a veg that looks like legs and private parts, yes..

It looked like a human body in a sitting position, two long legs stretching forward with one leaning slightly on the other. There is even a piece slightly resembling a genital. Later in the evening after it was washed clean, it looked like a homelier marble statue from Ancient Rome.

The small time farmer took a photo of the daikon radish and its sexy looking pose and posted it for fun to a popular market garden style group on facebook. The photo vanished from the page. Perplexed, Xiaobing Shen tried again.

It immediately received a positive responses and shares. A few hours later though, when I checked back after some field work, the post was nowhere to be found. And then I realized I was no longer even a member.

This was astonishing and it has left me a bit shaken. It was as if I had done something so terrible that I deserved to be expelled from a community that I belong to.

As no explanation was given, I can only guess as to what happened in the background to my post being deleted and my account terminated: someone in authority must have been offended by the perceived “pornographic” nature of the radish, which led them to think my action was disruptive or distracting from the purpose of the forum.

Were these people born with no sense of humour? It’s a radish, not a naked body. I don’t think it’s crass or offensive..but not everyone is me…

Some friends told me this was a very serious issue and that I should take immediate action. While I think they are one hundred percent right that I should get my voice out, I am not sure what would be a good approach. I could contact the coordinator, explain my situation, apologize if anyone was offended, promise not to post images like that again, but is that really the right thing for me? Or should I try to reason with them that I am “right” and they are “wrong” even though I am absolutely certain that this approach won’t get me anywhere.

There’s the downside to strangers passing judgment on this person and the photo. Why not just hide the post on your own feed or block the person’s posts from your end instead of forcing your moral code on someone else and having them banned?


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