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(For those following along, previous posts can be found under the tag Inviting God In – Joyce Rupp’s book by the same name can also be found online fairly cheaply if you want one as a kindle copy.)

So here we are at the 7th write-up, on page 26.

There appeared to him an angel of the Lord… Luke 1:11

For those without intrinsic Bible knowledge, the first chapter of Luke focuses on John the Baptist — at least, the prediction of him existing in the future — at least, going by what Zechariah says is going to happen. Lots of foretelling in this book, is my guess. And I’ve brought it up previously, but how much of Jesus’ story was retrofitted into predictions from previous eras to make it look like he was the true Messiah and not just some dude who knew some magic tricks? Exactly how many years later was the book of Luke written compared to the events being described within it? That anyone can stand and say this is an accurate depiction of history.. well, that’s the definition of “faith” right there, isn’t it?

Rupp promotes the existence of angels in this one, noting their messenger status and their role to both challenge and comfort believers.

Which reminds me — I’d taken a weekend this fall to help Dad clean out the acreage house and move things into town and found my old kid’s book about guardian angels.

The date on the book is 1957, so it predates my birth by nearly 20 years, but it was still among my things for some damned reason.

You can’t see your thoughts, therefore guardian angels are real? A virtual cookie to the person who knows what logical fallacy that falls under.

And here it looks like the authors are suggesting you can blame the devil for your bad behaviour.

was most way into this but don’t want to poke type more into it…

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