Couple can’t adopt because they’re Christian?

Christian persecution! Christian persecution!

Or is it?

At first glance of the headlines one may think so, but them getting denied is not specifically because they’re Christian. Plenty of Christian couples are allowed to adopt children in Alberta, I’d wager.

I’ll quote from the Edmonton Journal:

The couple’s identities have been redacted from the documents filed in court, but a copy of a Safe Home Study Report completed in February 2017 describes them as employed, owning their own home and having happy and healthy family and community networks. They indicated they hoped to adopt a child, or up to three siblings, between the ages of seven and 17. The Catholic Social Services worker who prepared the report said in an email she was “pleased” to recommend them for adoption.

However, the report recommended a “homosexual child” not be placed with the couple because of an assessment that though they said would unconditionally love a child questioning or exploring their sexuality, they would not support the “lifestyle,” which could mean a child may not feel accepted.

They later tried to argue that it wouldn’t be an issue, that they’re just concerned about a potential adopted child’s future of depression, anxiety and possible suicide all because of “choosing” the wrong kind of lifestyle that they don’t like.

So much for the notion of unconditional love. They’re describing the exact opposite.

In response to inquiries about the court application, Aaron Manton, spokesman for Minister of Children’s Services, provided an emailed statement.

“Our government believes that every adoptive child deserves a safe, healthy, loving and inclusive home. We want to ensure that, in all cases, the adoption process gives both children and parents the best possible outcomes, which is why the application process is thorough and rigorous,” Manton said in the statement.

Snagging the end bit from Christian Headlines (where I found the story in the first place):

The case shows that Alberta “now has what amounts to an official doctrine when it comes to sexuality issues, especially homosexuality and same-sex marriage,” said Mohler in his podcast The Briefing on Nov. 15. Despite the fact that this couple’s beliefs mirror what Biblical Christianity has taught for over two millennia and what the country of Canada held to be morally mandated until very recently, convictional Christians are now being identified as “heretics of the new official state religion,” Mohler said, adding, “This is a church that is ardently hunting down heretics.”

(lbert Mohler is listed in there as “president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a WORLD board member.”)

Okay, but here’s the thing, Mr. Mohler. Equality for homosexuals is not a religious mandate, it’s a legal one. It’s not a “lifestyle choice” nor is it a decision someone makes on the fly. It’s an identity and it’s a legit identity, not someone’s idea of fuckable same-sex cosplay that he or she will try for a day and then go back to “normal.” Sexuality exists on a sliding scale, as it happens, and it’s about time lawmakers focused on the scientific reality of that instead of hanging onto an archaic Biblical model that makes sinners out of everyone who doesn’t “fit” what some ancient culture thought was true.

A hearing for this case is expected sometime in 2018 so hopefully it occurs to me to check again and see what went on with that.

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