Brazilian shaman sees “dark side” to positive thinking

Guess where I found this article. Go on, guess.

Yes, it’s from my go-to for wootastic whatthefluffery, Earth We Are One. So, what’s the deal here?

The article author notes that while positive thinking has been peddled by many a self-help author with a book deal and a daytime date with Drs. Phil or Oz,

it still remains far easier said (or thought) than done (or accomplished). However, a Brazilian Shaman named Ruda Lande argues that the philosophy itself is completely wrong, regardless.

Googling his name, I find out he’s a naturopathic therapist. Well, that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about this. In fact, several other authors not typically featured on Drs. Phil or Oz have complained about the positive thinking model in the self-help field for years. New York Times, Psychology Today, Newsweek, and Forbes have published pieces by people critical of the movement.

What’s being suggested in this particular article is what anyone with an ounce of sense will tell you. Use a more reality-based approach – remain hopeful that things will work out but have contingency plans in case everything does go to shit. Overall it’s better to admit that things may go wrong and know how to deal with that than run around with blinders on thinking everything will be perfect forever and then have zero clue how to handle the unexpected when the unexpected inevitably punches you in the teeth.

Now, how much does this Shaman charge for his advice? I’ve just given it away for free…There’s a flaw here somewhere…

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