November is the month for soulmates, apparently

I’m thinking the only reason to follow the Idealist page on Facebook (notice me not linking to it) is for the wacky junk they’re posting. This is another from the “don’t quote me!” website Earth We Are One. Once again it’s the universe telling us something. Here’s me paraphrasing.

This month of November is all about soulmates, synchronicity and Scorpio. Did you know that Scorpio is the sign of soulmates? I didn’t…care. But, you know, since the universe can’t actually speak to anyone (because it’s inanimate as a concept) it has to use signs, signs, everywhere a sign — where have we heard that? Oh right, Five Man Electrical Band. “Do this, don’t do that…”

I like how the article explains that signs are everywhere if you just know what to look for and how to read them. And it looks like anything you want to be a sign in your favour can become one:

…they come in various forms such as quotes, meetings, numbers, clocks, and so on. In fact, seeing numbers is one of the most common ways the universe is sending us a message and we muse be more vigilant to spot the next sign that comes our way.

Then there’s this:

There’s still no explanation for why two particular individuals or souls are drawn to each other. But if you step out of the bubble of skepticism you will open your mind to a universe of possibilities and reasons to explain what events and occurrences lead you to your soul mate.

Oh, I’m sorry that gif has no stop function. Very sorry..

I’d argue that far too many people have not only stepped out of the skepticism bubble but tried to pop everyone else’s like it’s the bloody Matrix. Except reality does not contain a conscious universe that tells people anything. At least, scientists haven’t found evidence of that, thus far, and it’s unlikely they ever will. And so, I shall continue to keep the woo out of my personal skeptical space and encourage more readers to do the same.

But be careful what you’re questioning. Is there real evidence to back up the claims made by all sides of the debate? Or are some sides throwing pretty confetti in your face to obfuscate your chances of seeing just how flimsy and poorly built their arguments are?

I do love the notion of “things happen for a reason!” but usually that reason winds up being utterly random chance. The rest of the time, it’s purposeful machinations that pretend to be random chance — like nearly every scripted romantic comedy.

(“Gloria? Is that you?” “Bryan? I didn’t know you liked scream yoga!” Meanwhile, Bryan’s been following Gloria for weeks after work and now has to pretend he knows what he’s doing in a fitness regime he never knew existed… ha ha, laugh, love, happy ending. Gloria will be played by some perky blonde with a nice butt from all that yoga and Bryan will be Ryan Reynolds reprising his role from Two Guys A Girl and a Pizza Place.)

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