Megachurch man molested 4 year old girl – how is this news?

I’m being facetious there. It’s always news. It’s always important to know about. And it’s always a tragedy for the victims and their families.

Florida televangelist Bob Coy had resigned years earlier over his use of pornography and now the Independent reports on the abuse accusation.

The founder of the biggest “megachurch” in Florida has been accused of molesting a girl from the age of four.

Bob Coy, former pastor of the Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, is facing allegations of abusing the child until she was a teenager.

The victim’s mother told police Mr Coy had forced the child to perform oral sex and he would regularly “fondle her”, according to the Miami New Times.

The mother first contacted Coral Springs police in 2015 but according to the news outlet, documents showed officials failed to take action before dropping the case at the request of the girl.

The victim is reported to have told police she “found forgiveness” following an “experience with God” after reporting the alleged abuse.

Like hell. She didn’t need any forgiving. None of that was her fault. The Miami article goes into more detail.

“Religious leaders have a tremendous amount of power over their flock,” says Scott Thumma, a professor of sociology of religion at Hartford Seminary who has studied the Calvary movement. “If Calvary gives these pastors this much authority and they use and abuse it with no accountability, they have to blame themselves.”

Calvary runs a network of hundreds of churches in the States. Coy was never charged. The Miami article also states that Calvary has several pastors and church workers in their ranks who have been accused of child abuse since 2010.


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