Does God care about Football? Rider fan nun thinks so

There’s something football related going on.

Apparently Saskatoon’s Mayor, Charlie Clark, has announced that Friday, November 17 is Green Shirt Day in honour of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Not that I find website proof of this statement anywhere, nor do I actually care. I just heard about it at work today. Co-workers are fans and were talking about the upcoming finals game this weekend; the Riders are in it against Toronto so if they win, they’re Grey Cup bound.

Again, I don’t care. However, while they were chatting about this, one of them brought up a story they’d heard about a nun praying for a win. My ears perked up and I went hunting. From

When the Saskatchewan Roughriders take on the Toronto Argonauts on Sunday, they won’t just have their fans behind them.

A group of nuns in Saskatoon believe God will be on the team’s side as well.

Sister Rosetta Reiniger said while God loves every team, there is only one colour God wears — green.

“That’s right, when he created all the green that’s on the earth. It’s green,” she told The Brent Loucks Show Wednesday.

Fanaticism at its finest, I’d say.

Sister Rosetta is a super fan: she’s been cheering on the Riders for more than five decades, witnessing all the highs and lows over the years.

After a tough three years that saw the team miss the playoffs, Sister Rosetta thinks the green and white are ready to return to glory.

“We’re going to win the Grey Cup,” she said.

“I just feel like they are on a roll right now. They’ve come through some difficult times. Now our players are playing well together.”

So, to those who do care about sports – that last line is the most important line. Not God loves green, not the “on a roll” sportsthink (which is an illusion), but the fact that they’ve gelled as a team and can pull off the tactics that keep them ahead in the scoring.

Some years back the Riders were also in the running for the Cup, but they crapped it in the last game and then Winnipeg got in against someone else. And that was the year the Cup was in Regina, so friends and I got tickets and went anyway. And we wound up sitting on the side of the stadium where no sound worked so the game was impossible to follow and Bryan Adams’ concert was a mushy mess of noise at half-time. But it was fun to be out with friends, which I suppose was the main thing.

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