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So, here we begin at page 20.

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! Psalm 27:14

Welcome to the biblical version of Waiting for Godot. Oh shit! God’s right in the name. How did I never notice that before? And I studied that play! Clearly not well enough…

Act 1 is online so presumably the rest of Samuel Beckett’s effort here would be as well. (Youtube has the whole play should you wish to find a version to watch.)

I guess one could summarize the story as a few people who kick around waiting and not much happens. They could be doing anything else, but no, they merely contemplate death and consider leaving (either by wandering off the stage, or by suicide) before Godot gets there, but at the end of both acts the urge to move or die is never quite strong enough; and they remain on stage waiting for someone who will never arrive.

I’m a far bigger atheist now than I was in university. Boy, do I see some parallels there. Those people who are so sure their god is coming for them that they’re willing to give up their lives and their belongings on the off chance that today will be the day of Christ’s return. Or maybe it’ll be tomorrow. Possibly Friday. But be sure, they’re waiting.

They don’t care what’s happening to this world,
Heaven is the place they want to be.
And as far as I’m concerned,
That there is the real tragedy.

Anyway, let’s look at Joyce Rupp’s reflections on this verse.

What does this waiting have to do with longing for God’s coming? When we wait in tough times we are in a special God-moment. We know we can’t “go it alone.” The One who came into this world is our Peace-bringer. As we wait, we turn to our God and cry out for Peace to come and enfold us.

She uses examples of people dealing with terminal cancer and “There’s a family waiting to be healed of the pain they all experienced when one of their little girls was abused by an uncle.” And job anxiety. The usual, apparently? I hope Uncle went to prison and is not now looking to become a judge or running for a senate seat or on TV.

I much prefer the carpe diem philosophy which is not actually “seize the day and screw tomorrow” like some people want to define it. I like seize the day and get some shit done. Don’t wait around hoping for a better time. Do it now. Whatever that thing is that you think needs doing, get it started. Fitness, or diet, or recyling, or donating time or feeding the homeless, or whatever would make some difference to yourself and this world you’re in, you can get started today. Don’t wait for anyone. Just go and do.

(So, as you can see with the first devotional, I can’t invite God in right now because he’s not here yet. I don’t feel like waiting around. I’ve got things to do. Dear God. I’m not home right now, so just leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Thanks.)

Next up: too busy to be aware of God?

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