1minion invites God in. Before we begin.

This is a legit book: Inviting God In: scriptural reflections and prayers throughout the year by Joyce Rupp. (Kindle copy only $9.99)

There were some donated books on the coffee table in the work staff room the other day so I browsed through, curiously. I like books. Everything was religious based but the one that caught my eye the most was this devotional style thing. A page a day, a verse a day, 157 pages minus the 19 pages of leadup.. calc.exe.. (sad!) 138 verses.

I’m not going to do a page a day, but I may do a couple of these a week. Related posts will always be under the tag “Inviting God In” if you think you may have missed one.

Rupp starts the book describing her personal history with Living Faith, a Catholic resource for meditations and the like. The next bit is a “how to pray” section because apparently it’s not good enough to just say, “Are you there, God? It’s me, 1minion” and then ramble on for a while. Prayer is “God’s gift to us” by Rupp’s reckoning (p.11). Ooookay.. Basically, don’t be afraid, pick a good time, don’t worry whether it’s “good” or not from a creative writing point of view. Just be regular, faithful, and “present in God’s presence”. (p. 15) And, if you fall asleep in the middle of the nightly list of whatever needs to be prayed about, God won’t care. Really. It’s like sleeping in His arms. He’s okay with it. (p. 17)

Next session: Waiting in Tough Times

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