Sounds of Sunday – Aesop Rock

The Hubs has an eclectic taste in music so I went to him for suggestions on what I could throw on this week. This artist was the one he went with for someone who isn’t big on rap but likes songs with good use of words. Also, he’s bigger than Shakespeare — by vocabulary, at least:

Data scientist and designer Matt Daniels has plugged the lyrics of lots of rappers into a computer, calculated how many different words each uses, and plotted the results on a series of charts.

And? And Aesop Rock uses by far the widest range of words among the 85 rappers tested, much wider than Shakespeare’s would have been in a comparable analysis of his plays. Indeed, many rappers did better than Shakespeare, including three members of the Wu-Tang clan.

So here are a couple shallow end wading examples. If you like these, go deeper into his collections. You won’t regret it.

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