Quickie story no. 5

Six dice

The lightbulb above the front door was burned out but the street light on the corner provided enough illumination for me to find the keyhole. I twisted my key until I heard the satisfying click then hurriedly opened the door. The warm air inside was welcome after the windchill on the walk from the bus stop. I closed the door and locked it behind me, kicked off my Sorels, and hung the red wool coat in the closet.

Devo ambled over for the cat’s approximation of a hug, weaving his tuxedo body between my legs while I tried to put my fuzzy slippers on. He complained at me in cat talk, too, possibly for being late home to feed him, or for waking him up, or any number of other reasons his little brain could think of. I leaned down to scratch his cheek. “Long day without me around, hey, Dee?” He wandered off and hopped onto the tan recliner to join Sunny, the older orange cat who’d barely opened her eyes to acknowledge I’d come in. I gave her a head scratch and a kiss anyway. “Missed you too, babe.”

I scanned the living room as I walked through to the kitchen. “It doesn’t look like you were bored today,” I said to the younger one. Every toy he had was scattered on the cream coloured carpet, including my art pens, a roll of masking tape, the bell bracelet I wore while playing my guitar sometimes, and – I stopped mid-stride and pointed. “That’s the infinity scarf my grandmother made!”

Devo and Sunny both perked up their ears at the sound I had made, an anguished squeak of a cry. Sunny remained where she was, but Devo hurried off the chair and slunk away like a criminal to hide under my bed or somewhere else otherwise unreachable. I didn’t need a line-up to know he was the culprit. I sighed and picked up the present. His young claws did no noticeable damage to the crocheted pattern in blues and browns but I regretted leaving it within his reach anyway. Lesson learned – my lesson, not the cat‘s.

With the scarf squared away on a higher shelf in the closet, I looked in the kitchen for the night’s meal. Fresh vittles for the kittles and leftover meatloaf and gravy for me. I took my reheated plate into the living room and turned on the television. Arrow was on, but I flipped through the channels for something else. Super hereoes didn’t interest me unless they were Deadpool. Eventually I settled on a movie station; a Forest Whittaker film was starting that I hadn’t seen yet.

Devo hopped up into my lap after a few minutes, fake chagrin forgotten, and knocked his head into my chin seeking cuddles.

“Forgiven as usual, Dee.” I murmured into his fur as we sat together. “Wanna watch a show with me? I don’t think any buildings explode in this one, but we’ll see.” Devo purred with contentment.

“Thanks for keeping me company, pal.”

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