Quickie story no. 4

Five dice:

D’Arcy Monroe waited patiently in line at the book store, loosely hugging her selections to her chest. Her eyes skimmed the impulse buys near the counter: Fuzzy bookmarks, alien cocktail stirrers, animal butt magnets, sparkle pen and journal sets.

The couple in front of her completed their purchase and exited the store. D’Arcy placed her small stack by the till, murmuring a greeting back at the smiling older woman.

“Oh, hark at you,” remarked the woman, directing the comment toward the image on the top book. “The Princess and the Thief. Saucy stuff. That tiara is likely to blind her beau with all the spangles. Is he there to steal the jewels or her heart!?” The woman laughed and continued scanning her purchases. “I haven’t tried these books, but we do sell a lot of them.”

D’Arcy didn’t blush. The Thief series was the hottest, most sought after set of books since Harry Potter, Twilight and Fifty Shades of fan fiction. Her childhood friend, Nan Barker, was the author. Arrow to the Heart, Thief in the Night, Dark Dreams. The fourth was to be the most thrilling yet.

D’Arcy was working on a trilogy of her own, a space opera of lost children, pirates and smuggling. The first book of the Egg Hunters series wasn’t on the shelves in the science fiction section of this store but she wasn’t the kind of person to rant and wail at the clerk over it. Moon over Mountain had a small print run. She was hoping her second book would find a bigger audience but who could tell before it was written.

She paid for the books and animal butts then headed home to write a few more chapters.

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