Past life on Mars? This young Russians say so..

And “experts are baffled” so it must be true!

Boriska Kipriyanovich, who is now 21, says he lived on Mars before a war broke out and all life on the planet was destroyed. He claims he was reborn on Earth.

His parents are buying into it, too. They claim that since he was able to speak, which was just months after he was born, he seemed to have a profound knowledge of the cosmos and alien civilisations, despite never being introduced to such topics.

In other houses, that would be called “making shit up”. The article goes on to further describe the wild and wacky claims he made about this otherworldly “experience”.

And suspicion confirmed. As I read the original article I thought to myself, I wonder if his folks think he’s an indigo child. Is that even a thing anymore?

And yes, yes they do and yes it is.

And Project Camelot was there in 2007 to document his story as prep for some 2012 “end of the world” scaremongering.

I’m presuming without proof there, but 2012, and the run-up to it was ripe for the growth of insane theories and predictions. I’ve never heard of these people but looking at their listed “mission statement”–

To provide researchers, activists and ‘whistleblowers’ with access to all forms of media in order to get the truth out.

–it’s likely going to be the unhinged fringe type of “truth” everyone into conspiracy theories knows is “real” without any proper proof to the validity of it.

Pulling from the original article:

Other parts of Kipriyanovich’s story are even harder to believe. He visited Earth while working as a pilot on Mars, he says, and the Martians had a close relationship with ancient Egyptians.

Specifically, he says here is a mechanism behind the Great Sphinx of Giza’s ear that will “unlock” the monument and change life on Earth.

“When we showed our boy to a variety of scientists, including ufologists, astronomers and historians, all of them agreed that it would be impossible to make all those stories up.”


The more attention this kid got, the wilder his stories got to keep the attention level high. Kids do this all the time. Some kids are so inventive and imaginative that they can spin ridiculous tales as soon as you suggest an idea to them, like “What did you dream about last night?” And, given enough encouragement, or even the tiniest nudge in some cases, they will believe it really happened. And every time they talk about it, they’ll embellish even more.

False memories are hard enough to deal with without throwing reincarnation from Mars into them. From the Scientific American article linked there:

Annelies Vredeveldt says to be careful how you ask questions about a memory.

According to Vredeveldt: “What I’d like everyone to know is how (not) to probe for a memory of an event.

When you are trying to get a story out of someone, be it about a witnessed crime or a wild night out, it seems natural to ask them lots of questions about it. However, asking closed questions, such as ‘what was the color of his hair?’ or worse, leading questions, such as ‘he was a redhead, wasn’t he?’ often leads to incorrect answers.

I wonder how many questions his parents and believers have thrown his way over the years to encourage him to “elaborate” on his “experience”. He was only 11 when he was being interviewed for that documentary, which is linked in the original article (via Youtube).

The full video of the interview is more than an hour long and throughout it Kipriyanovich answers multiple questions about his alleged past life and draws the solar system as he remembers it

I’m thinking I should suggest my skeptical movie club give it a watch. I don’t want to spend an hour by myself trying to get through it…

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