I made this! Black Bean Zucchini Burger

With a 1minion twist, of course.

Originally I’d soaked a cup of beans overnight and was checking what I had for recipes to match ingredients I had on hand put with it. The original recipe looked within my ability and interest. It was twice as much as I felt like making for something I’d never tried before, so I reduced everything by a rough, unmeasured half.

I got the beans cooked, cooled and pureed with a little zucchini then cooked up a pot of brown rice to get the half cup I required. I opted for quick cooking oatmeal instead of the other choices listed, just did the one egg and skipped the rest of the ingredient. Instead I threw a ready seasoned “super burger” seasoning mix in and fried them up quick. I also did them really thin compared to the recipe picture.

The Young One came into the kitchen as I was giving the zucchini the Ninja treatment and said, “Oh ugh, I never eat that stuff.” I reminded him of that comment once he was already midway through second wrap. He’d also bean moaning about hating black beans the night before. Showed him.

And now I show you:

I’ll never be a professional foodie. The pictures never look as good as the meal.

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