Quickie story no. 2

Using the cubes again like I did the last time, but only 4 dice. Here goes:

The cookies were served on a heart shaped plate, Grandma Charlie’s classic mix of muskrat houses, hermit cookies and ginger snaps. Nine year old Trinity was pondering the choices while her four year old brother, Michael, quickly snatched one of each.

“Michael, one at a time!” his mother, Trudy, chastised him, but the rest of the adults laughed.

“He can have three if he wants them,” Grandma Charlie soothed and kissed the little boy who’d started to tear up. “He’ll run them off in a few minutes anyway.”

Joe poured himself a second shot from the whiskey bottle. “It’s Christmas, Tru. Lay off.”

Trudy rolled her eyes. “Fine. Someone pass me a hermit.”

Trinity selected one to pass over and took a bite of one herself. “After this, can we try the new toboggans, Grandpa Joe?” she asked, after swallowing.

While the kids finished their cookies, Joe moved to the wall where his thermometer gear was set up to monitor the yard. “Looks like the wind’s gone down and the temp’s gone up so I guess the threat’s off to hand-cuff the pair of you to your chairs to keep you warm inside.

Trinity grinned. “Wash those hands and mitt them, little brother. I’ll race you outside!”

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