Divine messages from everyday animals?

It’s thrown in the “just for fun” category so I’m going to have fun with it.

Unlike “real” research into the meaning of things, this site seems to be making up a bunch of junk. I’m assuming it’s the site writers since nobody else elsewhere is being credited for these 8 animals and their divine messages. They won’t let me copy direct, so I’ll do my own typing. I don’t need Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V to do my blogging…

Wolf – Seeing a wolf or pack of wolves is usually a sign that someone you love needs your help. Pay attention to the people around you and their needs when you see one.

Wikipedia has a colourful map of likely areas to find wolves, not counting any local zoos. But, for most people, they’re living in a city environment and if they’re seeing anything canine, it’s a dog crapping on the sidewalk in front of them, or their own dog and maybe not picking up the poop, either.

So, since most people are never going to be in the vicinity of a wolf, you’re never going to know when someone you love needs help. Unless you just come out and ask, obviously…

Eagle – A universal sign of freedom, spotting an eagle signifies your own intention to gain freedom and move into a higher consciousness.

If you Google universal sign of freedom there isn’t an eagle in the images anywhere. Oops, wrong. Found one owned by Freepress.net where they stand for a “free and open internet” and offer up a petition for those who agree with their statements.

“Higher consciousness” sounds like all manner of woo, I might add.

Raven/Crow – Historically considered a bad omen, spotting a raven might be a sign that you need to re-examine your life and the path you’re on. If you happen to form a strong connection to a crow or raven, it may even signify impending doom or one’s entrance into the death and rebirth cycle.

Historically accurate comments on the role of ravens. They’re damned clever birds as well, so small wonder religious/superstitious folk would look upon them with wariness and possibly fear. I doubt the predictions are accurate here, though, and I wouldn’t feel like my life was at risk of being cut short for connecting with one. Seriously. How savvy is this?

(And, this, about a girl who had crows giving her presents.)


Owl – A symbol of wisdom, owls are sending you a message to pay attention to your gut and rely on your intuition

Again, doubts on how legit this would be from an advice standpoint. Owls are pretty fascinating, I’ll grant you. From the positioning of the feathers around their faces to help trap sound, and the silent feathered night wings speeding toward tiny meals oblivious to doom, they are wonderful creatures. If you’re going to be out looking at owls, you may as well go out and learn about them at the same time.

Hawk – Innately spiritual in nature, hawks signify resilience and are a sign of power coming your way.

Bunkum. First, don’t anthropomorphize the animals. The bulk of them don’t have minds in the way humans do, although there’s evidence that some birds may have an inkling of the self. But this doesn’t mean they also have a concept of spirit, heaven, hell, power, or anything else. They’re born with their instincts and their evolutionary advantages and that’s that.

Cardinal/Blue Jay – A sighting of these birds is an indication that a deceased loved one is trying to contact you..

Not even going to quote more. Bull fucking shit to all of that nonsense. Birds are birds. Feed them some peanuts, take their pictures, and fucking stop thinking that the sight of them means anything beyond “It’s Spring” or “It’s Summer” or “It’s Fall”. Fuck that.

Snake – Universally seen as a symbol of evil… signifies bad company, and you being under the influence of the wrong kind of people…

I hold that the serpent was the smart one in the garden of Eden and not the adversary he’s made out to be. But that’s just me and my atheist viewpoint. Why would anyone want to remain stupid, no matter the promised longevity coming with it?

And “universal” be damned here, too. In some cultures the snake was a mark of “fertility and creative life force”, among other things.

Lizard: Lizards are sending you a message to pay attention to your dreams. And can also be a sign that you may have just experienced a moment of deja-vu.

Good grief.

I can’t recall the last time I was face to jowls with a lizard and I never remember my dreams. Alas. It always feels like they were awesome when I wake up. And as to deja-vu, I’m sure most people experience it without ever being near a reptile of any kind.

That was fun. I can’t remember the last time I quoted and slagged on an article. I don’t always have time I can devote to the practice, but if you’ve seen this and liked it, leave a comment. If you hated it, also leave a comment. I’m not picky. You can even damn me to hell. I’ll laugh at you, but you can do it.

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