Quickie Story no. 1

I have a set of Rory Story cubes and the supernatural expansion pack which adds another nine into the mix of possible permutations. Here’s a quick 6 dice story, for lack of other ideas today. I’ll underline the point where the image on each die comes into play:

The siren pulled Marnie Reed out of her reverie and she automatically glanced down at the speedometer. Yep, over the speed limit. And not for the first time, either. She sighed, signaled right, and edged her beat up Dodge Neon out of the otherwise law abiding traffic and into the shoulder of the busy bypass.

She had her driver’s license and registration ready in her left hand as the constable approached and passed the paperwork to her through the open window when requested.

“Nice tat,” the constable murmured. Marnie glanced at the fairy tattoo on her left wrist as it caught the sunlight, unsure if she should say thank you or anything at all, actually. Nervously, she ran her right hand through her orange-dyed hair, mussing it up even more than it was.

The constable pulled up the left sleeve of her uniform briefly to show off hers; a pair of dice — snake eyes. Were they best pals now, Marnie wondered? She was likely getting a ticket either way and a reminder of the outstanding ones, if not an actual arrest here.

“I think my brother is your tattoo artist,” the constable said. “I recognize his work. Gerry Hill. Usually prefers dinosaurs for some weird reason.”

Marnie nodded. Because he could still pretend nobody knew what they really looked like so he could do what he wanted with them. “You’d be Caitlyn, then.” She didn’t need the nod as proof; Gerry and Marnie had known each other for years and while they never talked much about their siblings, the family resemblance was glaringly obvious.

“Oh, what a tangled web,” Caitlyn quoted, although there was no deception happening that Marnie could see. Shakespeare, like the Bible and the Simpsons, could be cherry-pick quoted to match any series of events. “A warning today then, plus a reminder to visit City Hall tomorrow for those outstanding tickets.”

She paused. “And while we’re at it, I may as well confirm my first parachuting class attendance this weekend.”

Marnie nodded. “Ten A.M. Saturday at Billing’s Field. Don’t be late, or I may have to charge you extra.”

Caitlyn nodded and threw a lazy salute at her before walking away. “You got it, Ma’am. Have a nice day.”

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