Music is good for the soul…

The Hubs surprised me with a Strumstick for my birthday this year.

We’d gone into Long & McQuade’s to get the Young One a ukulele for his grade 4 year at school. This was tucked in the corner by the other acoustic options and I fell it love with it. It’s delightful to play and the strings really hold a clear tone. It’s gorgeous and a nice addition to the collection of other music presents I’ve received, namely the ukulele that I play pretty much every day, and the melodica which needs to get played more.

The Hubs does his own music making on his computer under the name of Marjen. This year for his birthday I bought him a couple more effects pedals that he can hook up to his various machines and make more fun wowie noises with those devices. He sets me up with one on the bass guitar once in a while and I pootle with it. We’re careful not to be too loud for our new neighbour, though, because we’re kind like that. (Unlike the jerk family we dealt with during the summer.. but we won’t speak of them and their sweary outbursts and shit music left running overnight while they were presumably passed out drunk…)

Anyway.. yeah. Music rocks!

Or rolls.

Or souls.

Or blues.

Or surfs.. depending on mood around here. S’all good.

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