Today’s Facebook Find – add weight to lose weight?

Worked for this guy in China — although, what he added was a 40kg rock he could carry on his head for years, via Mashable:

A 54-year-old man from Jilin, China, is making waves in his hometown, for his Iron Man-worthy exercise routine: daily walks with a 40kg rock balanced on his head.

According to CCTV News, it’s a common sight for locals to see Cong Yan walking on the streets with the heavy burden. He told reporters that he’s been training this way for the past four years.

Cong adopted the routine when he hit 115kg — an unhealthy weight for his 1.63 metre tall frame.

He worked his way up to the current rock weight and says that it’s been helping him slim down. I’m not sure if it’s “healthier than taking diet pills” as he claims, because isn’t he doing some potential damage to his neck and back that way?

In the first year, Cong walked 1.5km each day and managed to lose 30kg.

Now, he can walk for up to 3km and has even added boxing and running laps to his exercise routine — all while carrying the rock on his head.

Wouldn’t the commitment to walk 1.5km a day have helped by itself? I lost a lot of weight when I walked every day, too. Why add a rock on your head? Cheaper than wrist or ankle weights maybe..

Whatever. Whatever works for you, I guess. Kudos, buddy.

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