Tuesday snark rant – anonymous passive aggressive note leavers can go to hell

Random carelessness was all it was, as happens to everyone at some point. “Sent to wrong location” was all the sticky note needed as a .. well, note. But no, not this note. Not from this random ass person who didn’t even bother signing the damned thing.

Sent to wrong location. Watch what you’re doing please

And ended it with a smiley face instead of a name.

What a way to ruin a morning. Seriously.

Fuck you, random anonymous person. Fuck you and your hoity-toity shit don’t stink smiley face. If I were making screw ups every day that caused some real problems, then giving me shit like I’m five might be justified. But it was a whoops. It was a pile of magazines that I put in a bin that I hadn’t realized I hadn’t sorted out yet so one place got copies meant for other places.

Big flippy deal. Send them back with a note that doesn’t drip contempt, why don’t you? I could do the same snarky note to the poor Canada Post dude/dudette filling in for our regular dude this week. S/he has left several envelopes at our address intended for across the street and down the road. But will I? Hell no. I didn’t even steal the pen that was left behind today.

Additional reading (and a book we own): I Lick My Cheese which is a great photo gallery of roommates leaving notes for shitty roommates. Puts me in mind of university every time I read through it… some passive aggressive history on my side of things there.. but I was an only child. Hard to get used to having so many other people around in a dorm scenario..

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