Question of Atheist Scruples – Doctor, Doctor, give me the news…

You are a doctor. A longtime patient asks for a sick certificate even though he isn’t ill. Do you provide it?

I’d probably ask why he thinks he needs one but I doubt I’d write one up just out of whimsy. That’s all the answer I can give to this one. Although..

We got new chairs at work this week intended to be better for backs. Hard to tell yet if they’re useful in that way but this now reminds me of something our manager of facilities mentioned regarding work stations. Our department got refitted with new cubicles in the fall and they’re one size fits all, which winds up bring pretty stupid given the range of heights of ordinary people and different abilities for working at those desks comfortably because of that. She said the chairs should be positioned so feet can sit on the floor flat but I raised mine because if I flat foot the floor, my arms feel like they sit too high in the shoulder and make them ache after a few hours. The desks are short, but I have short legs, too.

The manager had mentioned that people elsewhere in the system have gone to their doctors for notes requesting standing workstations and the employer has been accommodating of those requests. That’s not specifically a sick note, then, so if this patient was coming in requesting a note for work related reasons like that, I’d write one up.

I don’t know if my doctor would write one up for me if I asked. Maybe he would. I miss standing to do more of my work; I could do that with the other work station desks we had before but these ones are too low for comfort that way. Also, they stupidly added an unmovable storage unit above the desk and the desks are fairly narrow so I can’t really stand and lean forward there unless I want to smash my skull into that every day.

There was also a shelf in the way but I was able to remove that and repurpose it under my desk, instead. I also managed to wrangle another table out of the people who provided the desks. At first the lady tried to say “Your workstation is already larger than anyone else’s,” and to that I had to explain how different my job is for why I could use more space to do my work. So there, lady. I’m not greedy, chick. I’m efficient.

So, I wound up with a better answer to this one than I thought I would.

Pop culture doctors:

House M.D. was a show I watched a lot of when I found it on DVD.
Doogie Howser M.D. was also a show I watched a lot of when it was new.

Scrubs was also a show I watched a lot of when I found it on DVD.

I think that was really it for me and doctor shows.

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