Question of Atheist Scruples – I (don’t) work hard for the money

At least in terms of this question:

You work for a large company and take off a week without pay. Due to error, you are paid as usual. Do you return the money?

Part of me wants to say that it depends on whether or not I like working there. If the payroll department doesn’t notice.. Assuming I notice…

It happened on a job once that I was getting paid more money per hour than I should have been and got called into the office when it was finally discovered. Fortunately I wasn’t made to pay back the difference. Wasn’t my fault anyway. Loony kind of pay scale in place, levels and shit and easy to make a mistake with in a job where people often transfer from one department to another one to this to that.. not really surprising that a glitch would happen.

So, pop culture – work related:

Office Space keeps coming up.

9 to 5 is a fun one. Convoluted plotline. Dolly Parton’s also working there as the boss’s secretary and Lily Tomlin also works in the secretarial pool. The boss is a sexist jerk and they all fantasize about doing away with the guy. Violet (Tomlin) actually does put rat poison in the boss’s coffee one day, completely by accident, but before he can drink it, he has an office accident that sends him hospital. Violet thinks she’s killed him, so there some funny going on when they realize he’s not dead and wind up kidnapping him, hanging him up S&M style and run the office themselves for a week or two.

David Brent as the boss in the original Office. Ricky Gervais did a good job of playing a character that was hard to take. It’s probably good the show didn’t have many episodes, though. And I don’t know how well the new movie will do with Brent on the road trying to be a rock star. I’ll wait until it’s available free at my library.

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