Question of Atheist Scruples – even I know stealing is wrong

You find merchandise which you know your teenage daughter stole from the store where she works. She denies it and continues to steal. As a last resort, do you inform her employer?

Hells, yes. I’d try and set up a talk with her manager to see if there’s a way to get it dealt with without her knowing I’d been in the store myself to report it, however. 

I was still a page at the library when I heard about this but the library got called one day because someone had defaulted on paying for one of those storage lockers and when the owners went to clean it out they found a bunch of expensive library books in it, among other things. It turned out that a guy who’d been on staff there years earlier had gotten into a habit of filling a duffle bag with new material, including movies and music, and would just walk it all out through the back door at the end of his shifts. He must have gotten caught at some point and fired but there was probably no way to know then just how much of the collection he’d walked off with.

A few months ago, a different branch contacted my department to complain about some new DVDs that were missing. They were supposed to be getting three of each new title but only ever seemed to have two. 

What wound up being part of the problem was that the woman handling the new DVDs at the branch end was only there part time and people just unloaded bins and put stuff on her desk and the work spaces are wide open so anyone could walk by and take something off the desk without being noticed. We got the manager involved, figured out a better place to store the new DVDs if she wasn’t there, and for a while reported to her what we were sending on which days so that if it did turn out to be someone on staff on a certain day of the week…  I don’t think they have that kind of trouble anymore, fortunately.

Pop culture thievery in the workplace:

The hilarious Office Space needs a nod here. Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) hates his shitty IT job and his boss is a jerk and staff cutbacks are rumoured. After a hypnotherapy session goes wrong, Peter approaches work with a more relaxed attitude. After an undeserved promotion saves his job security and cuts slice his friends off the payroll, he decides to join forces with them to figure out how to steal money from the company in what they think will be an untraceable way. They turn out to be wrong…

The Maiden Heist  turned out to be a sweet movie about an art gallery security guard (Christopher Walken) and his love of one particular portrait hanging there. “The Lonely Maiden”, and several other pieces (including a sculpture that William H. Macy’s character thinks is worth getting naked for every night) is scheduled to be moved to a gallery in Europe. Together with another art loving guard, played by Morgan Freeman, they hatch a scheme to steal their favourite pieces and trick the gallery into sending replicas instead.

Related bizarre news story – Did you know Vanilla Ice has/had a home improvement show? Last year he got busted for theft of property:

His story melted away faster than his fame.

Vanilla Ice bogusly claimed for months to be the owner of the Florida pad where he was pinched for burglary Wednesday, but the scheme’s roof collapsed on his once-pompadoured head after cops got involved, police said.

The one-hit wonder faces burglary and grand theft charges for allegedly plundering more than $6,500 worth of furniture, artwork, mirrors, bicycles and pool equipment from an abandoned $2.5 million home in Lantana, Fla.

Incredibly, the looted digs sat steps away from a house the rapper-turned-remodeling maven was renovating for his DIY Network reality show, “The Vanilla Ice Project.”

The crew’s trucks were still parked in the driveway Wednesday when Ice surrendered.​

While hunting for pop culture ideas, I found a religiously inspired movie clip site called Wingclips which offers bits of film intended for use in school or church lessons “to illustrate or inspire” so if you’re ever in need of something like that, there it is. You can sort by theme, category, movie title or scripture. Content may not be available in all countries.

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