Question of Atheist Scruples – the gift

I’m a fan of old pop songs but by all the Flying Spaghetti Monster calls noodly goodness, this song is.. well.. icky. A girl dumps him and all he can think is to insult her for it. Maybe that’s part of the reason she called it quits in the first place, boyo…

Indian Giver is a culturally insensitive phrase and adding powwow drum noise into the mix isn’t making this song any better. NPR gave a rundown on the history of the term which can be read here. (They also report this song made it to #5 on the charts at the time.)

Moving on:

You buy a gift for an employee who has done extra work. Your spouse finds it and raves about finally getting a present from you without a reason. Do you admit the truth?

If I have employees and can afford to give them odd little bonuses for jobs well done, I can probably afford to buy another and let my dear keep the first one. Maybe I’d be tempted to omit the truth but I think honesty would win out in the end and I’d confess who I’d really bought the little thing for. But I’d also feel like crap for not thinking to get my dear something sweet and unexpected before this point and apologize for the oversight, promising to make it up to him somehow. Probably with a barbecue or hot sauce as yet untried…

Pop culture references to gifts gone awry — 

That scene from Love Actually with the found jewelry and the realization on Emma Thompson’s face when her actual gift winds up being a Joni Mitchell cd. I’d be pretty upset, too. Albeit for different reasons – I can’ t stand Joni Mitchell.

Gift of the Magi, the classic tale of two impoverished people each giving up something they treasure in order to please the other person with a surprise. She sells all her hair to get a watch chain and he sells his watch to buy her hair combs. Spoiler alert?

And Slashfilm offers up a fun list, with videos, of other movies featuring gift-giving.

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