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Seeing as I’d ignored the blogosphere for several months and didn’t do much in the way of checking on the site or updating things, I was curious to see what my stats were looking like after so long.

soul searching

Helen Keller and Satanism is still popular but people are really hunting for soul answers this month, I see. I did a post back in 2010 regarding weariness and comments made by someone taking a religious stance on it. I disagreed with the need to bring religion in as a cure at the time and I still do.

Another writer, John Ortberg, wrote a piece a few years ago explaining different types of fatigue – the body, the mind and the will – then suggests that those combined create the soul-fatigue for people to feel

separated from God, separated from ourselves, and distanced from what we love most about life and creation.

This is soul-fatigue. Jesus engaged in certain practices which allowed God’s grace to keep replenishing his spirit. He prayed, he participated in community with his disciples, he engaged in corporate worship, he meditated on scripture, he enjoyed God’s creation. These spiritual practices rested his soul.

Again, the same solution can be had by participating in any community, be it freethinkers or a book club or some other social group or around a table every week engaging in entertaining role play with friends (and enemies).

Meditate, do yoga, take walks, join a gym. Find a few minutes to just disconnect from whatever crazy technology, co-worker or other hassle is stressing you out. Get back to your center and find some balance.

A common problem is that people think of spiritual practices as obligations that will actually drain them. Sometimes I may need to engage in a practice like giving generously, or serving humbly, which my sinful side resists. But generally I need to engage in practices that connect me to God’s grace and energy and joy.

In terms of activities feeling more like obligation rather than freely chosen for fun, that’s something to think about. How much of your day is spent doing what needs doing? How much of your day is approached with joy and gusto? What activities energize you? What plans make you want to curl up under a blanket for a week instead of following through? There needs to be balance in those areas as well. All work and no play.. well, you know the rest.

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