Question of Atheist Scruples – it’s not you, it’s me

The question:

Your mate is very sensitive about his (her) performance in bed. Lately, you haven’t been very aroused. Do you act as though you are?

I don’t want to be bringing my own bedroom into this like Homer giving marriage advice.

But, I guess I can answer this one by saying honesty ranks pretty high for me and I’ve never been great at acting. I suspect a partner who knows me well enough would pick up on the actual lack of interest in doing the do. A good relationship needs the honesty but respect as well and some things should be approached with fairness on top of all that. I’d rather be honest and confess to lack of drive rather than pretend otherwise.

The best pop culture television/movie reference I can add to the bottom of this has to be the iconic scene in When Harry Met Sally where Sally (Meg Ryan) demonstrates how convincing a fake orgasm can be, embarrassing the crap out of Harry (Billy Crystal) in the middle of the restaurant after he claimed he could “always tell” when a girl was faking it. Har har…

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