Question of Atheist Scruples — do you like fishing?

The question:

You are on vacation and plan to fish. You will not fish again all year. Do you buy the licence?

In terms of Saskatchewan, an annual fishing license costs $29.44 this year. Other Canadians can pay the same price for Sask fishing rights for 3 days. $78.51 for anyone out of country. Seniors (65+) fish free regardless and the province does offer free fishing weekends but don’t list any dates thus far for those.

That said, there’s also the camping fees or gate fees to consider in terms of where you’re staying and where you’re planning to fish. It all adds up. I personally wouldn’t spend a dime to fish anywhere as it’s not an interest of mine in any way, shape or form. I think were I to go fishing, it’d be with me, on a boat, with the line in the water and no hook or bait. Create the feeling of fishing without any fuss of fishing. I have 0 interest in fishing.

Although, as the question asks if I get the license, yes, I’d eat the $30 and get the license. I’d rather have it than risk fines for getting caught without one. Costs from 2014 could have only gone up and they were already ugly looking then.

It’s cost-effective to have the license handy, whether or not fish are caught.

Now, since I’ve started a trend, movies or TV about fishing:

A River Runs Through It — probably my first experience of fly fishing. Also, of Brad Pitt looking gorgeous.

M.A.S.H — any Colonel Potter episode, nearly. There was a cute episode in season 10 which the Man I watched this week where Potter shows a young man how to make his own trout flies. The fellow was from a state near Potter’s but had lost his dad young. Potter takes him under his gruff wing a bit. When the fellow tries to sign up for the shit bomb testing job since he’s been bullied by some assholes in his troop, Potter’s quick to make sure the guy has time to change his mind.

Grumpy/Grumpier Old Men — where the two lovable lugs, Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau, wind up in competition for a beautiful lady and one of them winds up with a dead fish in his car thanks to the other guy who hopes the stench will ruin future romance. I need to bring those both home again for a rewatch. Funny funny films, both of them.

The Old Man and the Sea and may as well throw in Moby Dick. I may have read parts of Old Man in school, but only know of Moby through television and film references. Never read the book or seen an entire film based on it. I should try the Patrick Stewart version. He’s great in everything.

Which reminds me of the recently made from life story of the inspiration for Moby Dick, In the Heart of the Sea which tells the story of a whaling ship meeting finned doom. I haven’t seen this either but The Bustle reports that it’s the fishermen who are the villains of the tale, not the whale itself that hit the Essex and sealed its fate. So, that’s that, then.

So, fisher people. Buy the license or fish for free?

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