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Welcome back, me.

I’ve been thinking about things that I could be doing that would engage my brain and make me think more and I’m thinking that getting back into blogging might be the thing I could be doing.

But, I don’t feel like browsing through all the news sites for anything atheist/skeptic related. Too much work and I’m not interested in keeping up with news beyond my own interest in the issues. Other bloggers have already cornered that market and do a good job with it.

What I feel like doing instead is going back to my Question of Scruples cards with my skeptical, atheist leanings and tackle the issues presented in a game, second edition of, from 1986.

I was 12 that year, by the way.

If you do a search of this site for atheist scruples, there are several posts already. I may do cards now that I’ve done before, so it’ll be interesting to go back and see if things have changed in my brain at all. I’m thinking not much will have altered.

There’s always that notion coming from the religious right that giving up on gods means giving up on morals so why aren’t we killing everyone every moment of the day and all that rot. Well, because morality and goodness and ethics exist independent of gods. If belief in a god is the only reason you don’t kill everyone around you, I’m terrified to know you. Please keep believing in your god so that I may live.

A Question of Scruples does have instructions for actual play. It was intended as a yes/no/lie to people game. Players were supposed to see if they could determine how other players would answer the questions and judge players based on previous answers that may have been truth or lies.

The Man and I have always approached the game as philosophical what-ifs and quizzed each other one what we’d do in each hypothetical situation. Happy to say we’re both good people, all things considered, but we each recognize that not every situation has a definite yes/no answer applicable.

So, next post starts the series: Question of Atheist Scruples. Enjoy. Or don’t. Whatever you feel like doing today. Add comments and thoughts below if you feel like it. How would you handle that situation?

(Note: I may find myself getting back into some other theme posts I’d been running like Advice Avenue, where I’d respond to Billy Graham’s mail, and Search Parties where I look at what searches have generated Google hits on this blog, whether or not the searcher read my entry on that particular topic.)

Cheers, new and surprised-to-find-me-back old readers!


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