Still not in the mood for blogging but sometimes I miss it

I used to get up at 5;30 in the morning (or earlier) and spend a solid two hours looking up news and blogs to write posts about that I could prep to drop across the course of the day. I still get up at 5:30 but I use the time to read Facebook or catch up on news of everything else and then I eat some breakfast and relax with coffee for a while before I go upstairs to kiss my Sweetie good-bye and head for work.

I’m still loosely affiliated with my local Centre for Inquiry group and attend their banned book club meetings and other meets as and when schedules allow but otherwise I’m not even into armchair activism these days. I’m just existing.

But, if you stumble onto this blog and poke around, there’s still relevant stuff to read about and you can comment if you want to, but I can’t guarantee I’ll notice it.


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