Atheist Scruples: the devil’s in the details

Maybe stretching it as a title, but in terms of keeping with the satanistic weekend theme, let’s just go with it.

You buy a gift for an employee who has done extra work. Your spouse finds it and raves about finally getting a present from you without a reason. Do you admit the truth?

I wound up with a couple cat bookends that I thought a woman at work gave me but to this day I have no idea why they were given to me or by whom because she said she had nothing to do with it. They’re absolute shit in terms of actually working as book ends on account of their ludicrous light weight, but they’re kitchy and the colours matched my style at the time (and now, also) so I keep them around as decorations.


That’s a tangent.

Anyway, no, I’d tell my Sweetie it was actually bought for someone else, but since he’s liking it so much, I’d probably let him have it and go find the employee another one, or something else.

I get the Man little things to cheer him up sometimes. Sometimes it’s a food or liquor treat but this weekend I found a cassette player at what may be the last garage sale I get to this year and it seems like it actually has decent sound. This is good, since he’s released a couple cassettes and has bought a few others from his producer? Friend? Whatever this guy is that has been making tapes and selling them. Plus, I still have a box of tapes from my youth that rarely sees the light of day. My Sony Walkman doesn’t work super well anymore. It got a lot of use before I upgraded to a CD one, though. Always had music in my ears.

Another tangent. The devil’s in the details, indeed, at least in terms of pulling me off track.. if there was a track. I have high doubts about the existence of devils and demons, also. I think human beings have enough ability to pull themselves off track and can think up a lot of horrible things to do to people without claiming some demon gave him/her/hen the idea.

Devil in the details, though. Interesting phrase. Apparently, if Wikipedia can be believed, it made its first appearance in the 1970s. Prior to that, only God was in the detail. I wonder why it changed. That’d take more research chops than I currently have available.

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