Another reminder not to believe everything on the internet.

I just wrote about this, too, but now it appears the whole anti-Christian Viking company vs Christian chick was kind of a sham.

The CBC’s investigative reporter, Natalie Clancy, got her initial story half-right. Bethany was the subject of an anti-Christian tirade. But she didn’t lose a job over it – there was no job to be had. It appears to be an elaborate hoax.

We all make mistakes. Bethany was real, as were the hateful e-mails. And Amaruk’s elaborate website seemed real enough, at first glance.

The CBC was just as much a victim of a hoax as was Bethany. But the CBC, which raised the same questions about Amaruk in a follow-up story, shouldn’t abandon the story now. They should find out who has been impersonating a tourism company – and even filing fake reports on an Industry Canada website. Amaruk’s Twitter feed has just one entry on it – but follows a host of B.C.-based environmental extremist groups and gay activists. It could be that Amaruk is a bizarre secret project of a public B.C. leftist activist. Will the CBC follow up?


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