Not even pareidolia eggplant

This one fell to the bottom of my drafts folder but any time is a good time for mocking journalism and the willingness to make a story out of anything.

I wouldn’t buy this tale for a nickel.

god in eggplant

Slicing into an eggplant turned into a religious experience for a Baton Rouge chef when he found the word “GOD” spelled out inside, arranged in seeds.

Line cook Jermarcus Brady of Gino’s Restaurant called it a “miraculous image” in an interview with WAFB, a CBS affiliate in Baton Rouge.

Brady is religious and told WAFB that his faith has helped him to get through rough times.

“He’s showing me that ‘hey, I’m real’ and that’s the only thing I can depend on,” he told the station.

Dollars to doughnuts the guy arranged the seeds himself and then took the picture and told everyone about it. Cynic much? Maybe.. but if God’s real, can’t he figure out a better way to show himself? Why in an eggplant that could have been cut a hundred different ways and thus not reveal this “signature” at all? I think as a miracle, it’s pretty pathetic and not at all convincing.

The Huffington Post article includes a link to an earlier and similar find from 2007 that the Register covered.

Though this El Reg hack is no expert when it comes to eggplants, he’s quite sure the seeds spell “gid” – a brain disease caused by tapeworm eggs. Or an acronym for Gender Identity Disorder

Our attempts to contact Teske went unanswered, but according to reports, she’s adamant she saw God. The slice was comforting, she said, because some of her family members had recently passed away. She put it aside and promptly fried up the rest of her eggplant for Sunday dinner. When the local news showed up, she and her husband said the meal was divine.

I guess what really gets me about stories like this is how they somehow become news. I mean, why? What possible use are these stories except as goofy filler? Does anyone put any weight on these as worthwhile bits of journalism? Or, are these the stories given to the newbies and the hacks and the ones totally desperate for any kind of byline, no matter how moronic the story? Are they a product of the 24 hours a day/8 days a week news monster we’ve created and can’t possibly feed to satisfaction?

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