Banana Jesus

Anytime a shape resembling a face turns up on anything, people are going to say it’s Jesus. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this is pretty unoriginal. Says the author of the piece I’ve linked to:

If I am to take a photo of the same image and proclaim that it resembles Charles Darwin, people will probably laugh or mock me. Some will say I’m stupid. The point here is that if it’s Jesus Christ, the image is a miracle. If it’s somebody else, the claimant is tagged a moron.

And then there’s the question that a lot of religious people ignore. This question is “Why?” Why would Jesus go around putting his likeness in the trunks of banana plants, in toasted bread, in water stains, etc.? Why confuse your believers with such cheap tricks?

Here’s a short video of the banana plant leaking a fluid out of the spot people think are the eyes.

Call me skeptical but perhaps someone who noticed the shape on the banana plant stabbed the eye with a blade to add a bit of “It’s a miracle Jesus! It cries!” to the discovery. Is a banana plant going to be like other plants and take water up from the soil around it? At 1:14 of this video, after the woman has cut through a stalk to show where new growth will start in the spring, she tips the pot over and two drops of some liquid fall out. It’s a possibility.

Call it a mystery, call it a miracle. Whatever you do, don’t bother looking into it in case the real answer somehow has the power to destroy the faith as well as the “miracle”…

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