Sounds of Sunday – Have I Told You Lately that I Love You

I was in a bit of a romantic mood this morning while doing some kitchen chores and called out to the Man, “Have I told you lately that I love you?”

“Why? What did I do?” he asked.

Well, he’d agreed to take care of the recycling, clean a bathroom and sweep the living room floor, but that wasn’t why I asked. We say it pretty often for no ulterior motive reasons at all and I just thought I’d ask if I’d said it already today. Ha ha. I really couldn’t remember.

Then I said, “Well, actually, there is something you can do…”

and then I got him to look for the song on Youtube because I couldn’t remember who sung it. Van Morrison’s song by that name came out in 1989, and Rod Stewart’s remake in 1993. I could have sworn the song was a decade older than that for some reason. It probably just puts me in mind of many ballads released over the years, I had a disco ’70s vibe in my head but also thought it felt a little bit like old country music. Wikipedia’s page about the song did mention an older song with the same name:

The older version has a lot of names attached to it like Ray Price, Marty Robbins and Faron Young – three singers I’ve liked since I was a kid. Both Ricky and Willy Nelson have sung it – although not together.

It’s a pretty one and a good song for anyone with a good voice, I’d say. I should see if I can find chords for it and learn it for my ukelele.

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