Lazy Saturday planned

At least in terms of blogging. Maybe I can throw something together later on in the day when I’m by myself…

The Man works a later shift and the Little Man will be — underfoot is the wrong term — eager to hang out with us. That sounds kinder. I plan to throw the two of them together for the morning so I can make some meatloaf and in the afternoon when it’s just the Little and me, we have a date to make gingerbread dinosaurs. I have person shaped cutters also, but that seems kind of boring. I may try making ring cookies while I’m at it, too. I have round cutters of various sizes and used together I should be able to make that work. Check this post again later and see if pictures get added.

Update 1:51 same day:

Cookie success. Gingerbread is always awesome. The dinos and circles turned out fine. The ginger people became a little more aliensque and mutant but that’s fine, too.

alien mutants

dino circles

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